Buy One in Four in bulk for your organisation

An image of One in Four in situ on an acute psychiatric wardGet 10 copies delivered direct to your organisation each quarter for only £60.00! Pay online for even less fuss! (UK only)

One in Four, the lifestyle magazine written by people with mental health difficulties for people with mental health difficulties is perfect for organisations of any size to buy in bulk to distribute to people who use their services.  It’s a great way of getting information, advice, inspiration and hope to people who might benefit.

We’ve kept the price of the magazine as low as we can so that as many organisations as possible can have an opportunity offer it to their users, members, visitors or patients.

Price per year
10 copies 4 times a year

50 copies 4 times a year £145.00
100 copies 4 times a year £240.00
200 copies 4 times a year £480.00
500 copies 4 times a year £1,100.00
1000 copies 4 times a year £2,000.00

To place an order, download an order form, telephone Social Spider on 020 8521 7956  or fill in the form below.  We’re also happy to offer special deals.

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One in Four can be found in many libraries, GPs, primary care trust facilities, universities, Mind charity shops and similar places. You can ask for a copy at one of these places near you and encourage them to subscribe if they don’t already. You may even wish to print the subscription form to show them how to order copies.