One in Four Summer 2013


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8 On the spot (not) fine

It can feel like a job interview odds are stacked against you if you’re socially anxious

14 Try to CBT it my way

Cognitive behavioural therapy: good, bad or somewhere in between?

16 Happy Birthday to us (available online)

In a rare moment of self-indulgence, we look back over the first five years of One in Four

20 A voice no one else can hear

What’s it like living with voices that speak to you when no-one else can hear them?


11 A positive banker’s bonus

Something good for military personnel paid for by City fines

12 ‘Mad people doing it for themselves really appealed to me’

One in Four speaks to Jacqui Dillon of Hearing Voices Network

Real Life

19 Beamed across the nation

Finding yourself on national television can be a surprising experience

24 Bruised fruit

Experiencing mental health difficulty can change the way you see yourself


22 Is online support the key to better mental health?

A former sceptic explains what changed their mind



26 Telling someone not to worry so much ISN’T the best cure for




04 Editorial: Our five year mission (available online)

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