New Hackney mental health newsletter project

The people behind One in Four (us) are launching a new project in Hackney to get a mental health newsletter off the ground in the London borough of Hackney.  The project starts October 10th.

Here’s the details.  Please share. Also if you work for a Hackney mental health organisation get in touch!

Hackney Mental Health Newsletter project

Would you like to join the editorial team for a new newsletter about mental health in Hackney?

Do you want to help tell other people with mental health difficulties what’s going on in the borough?

Want to write and research things that’ll help other people find support, understand more about mental health services and get the most out of life?

The newsletter will be produced by people with mental health difficulties for other people with mental health difficulties.

You’ll get to learn or use journalism skills including:

  • Feature writing
  • Interviewing
  • Editing

Weekly editorial meetings – Wednesdays 2pm – 4pm – at Centre for Better Health, 1A Darnley Road, London, E9 6QH

For more information call 020 8521 7956  or email

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