List of mental health publications

We’ve compiled this list of mental health publications since we couldn’t find one anywhere else. Some of these publications may be very different to One in Four, and they may come and go. If we’ve missed any, please let us know!


Title: A Single Step
Published by: Depression Alliance
Description: Quarterly magazine for supporters of Depression Alliance, the leading national charity for people with depression. Written by and for people with experience of depression, and as such welcomes contributions from this group.

Title: Anxious Times
Published by: Anxiety UK
Description: Quarterly magazine by national charity Anxiety UK, with news and feature articles on topics surrounding Anxiety Disorders and phobias. Free to members/supporters of the charity.

Title: Asylum Magazine
Published by: PCCS Books
Description: This is a quarterly, not for profit magazine run entirely by volunteers. It aims to provide a forum for free debate, and is open to anyone with an interest in psychiatry or mental health. It especially welcomes contributions from people with mental health difficulties (present or past), carers and frontline professionals.
Contact: or

Title: Barbershop Birmingham
Published by: Ashram Housing Association
Description: Birmingham-based magazine which aims to improve mental wellbeing among the male black minority ethnic community – welcomes contributions from target group. Functions as an outreach project through distribution in barbershops in an attempt to target this group which is unlikely to seek help for mental health difficulties; aims to be peer-to-peer in language and approach.
Contact: or (Stephen Lewis – Editor)

Title: Compulsive Reading
Published by: OCD-UK
Description: Quarterly members’ magazine of charity by people with OCD for people with OCD. News on latest research and charity’s activities as well as personal stories – welcomes contributions from members.

Title: Equilibrium
Published by: Haringey Council
Description: Quarterly magazine written and produced by Haringey residents recovering from mental illness, guided by an experienced journalist and graphic designer.

Title: Marooned Online
Published by: Marooned Online
Description: Online mental health magazine written by and for service users in the Manchester Region. Publishes news on the Greater Manchester West NHS Trust’s activities and general news around mental health as well as more creative elements.

Title: Mental Health Today
Published by: Pavilion
Description: Published 10 times a year, this magazine is aimed at UK professionals in the field of mental health, providing relevant news and best practice information.

Title: No Label Required
Published by: Richmond Fellowship
Description: Free magazine for users of Richmond Fellowship services. Welcomes contributions from people with mental health difficulty engaged with the charity.

Title: Open Mind
Published by: Mind
Description: This bi-monthly magazine aims to provide professionals, people with mental health difficulties and their carers alike with stimulating coverage of the widest range of mental health issues.

Title: Pendulum
Published by: MDF The Bipolar Organisation
Description: Quarterly journal provided free to members/supporters of the charity. It ‘is full of current debate about bipolar disorder, overseas news, reviews of up to date research papers, letters, book reviews, poetry, feedback about the organisation, self help groups’ news, up and upcoming events, to name but a few’.

Title: Reflections
Published by: Dorset Mental Health Forum
Description: Free, quarterly magazine produced by a voluntary mental health organisation in Dorset, covering topical issues around mental health and services plus lived experience stories – distributed locally in GP surgeries and libraries. Actively invites contributions from people with mental health difficulties.

Title: Reflections Magazine – Promoting Art in Mental Health
Published by: Breakthrough Mental Health Art
Description: Quarterly magazine produced by a user-run organisation in the North west which promotes positive mental health through arts – i.e. a focus on creative writing in the magazine. Very much welcomes contributions from people with mental health difficulties
Contact: Online contact form – Editor is Tony Russell

Title: Reset
Published by: CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably
Description: Bi-monthly inspirational magazine targeted at young men with mental health issues that might lead to suicide; very peer-to-peer in attitude. Distributed free through Topman shops in London, Manchester and Merseyside. Welcomes contributions from their target group, especially experiential reports about their ‘Reset’ moments in life.
Contact: CALM’s online contact form

Title: Sanctuary Magazine – Inner Space for Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
Published by: Let’s Link
Description: Free quarterly magazine targeted at women with mental health difficulties throughout Surrey and the South East – invites participation from women with experience of mental health difficulty, and aims to provide a safe space to explore such issues.
Contact: (Editor: Megan Aspel)

Title: Your Voice in Sheffield Mental Health
Published by: Your Voice
Description: Not-for profit community magazine for all communities involved in Sheffield Mental Health. Long running – in its 12th year. Targeted at people with mental health difficulties, carers and professionals. Welcomes contributions by people with mental health difficulties.

Title: Speaking Up
Published by: Cornwall Mental Health Project
Description: Quarterly magazine/newsletter of a mental health project run by the Cornwall Rural Community Council. Includes local news on services and activities (both by the project and external), directories of mental health related services as well as a creative writing section by people with mental health difficulties, which welcomes contributions.
Contact: (Jane Morgan; Project Administrator)

Title: The Point
Published by: Scottish Association for Mental Health
Description: Quarterly magazine which aims to provide ‘an alternative voice on mental health issues’, from the leading mental health charity in Scotland.

Title: Time Together
Published by: Together
Description: Published by the national mental health charity Together, this free magazine covers news and features surrounding mental health issues. It very much welcomes contributions from people with mental health difficulties, whether stories, news or photography.
Contact: or (Editor)

Title: Uncovered
Published by: Fantelli Imprint Ltd.
Description: Bi-monthly news-stand magazine, dealing with lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing issues in a mainstream setting, breaking stigma. Works in partnership with Sane. Does not currently seek new authors or submissions.
Contact: (Customer Services); (For feedback and letters)

Title: upbeat
Published by: b-eat
Description: Quarterly magazine for members/supporters of b-eat, the national charity for people with eating disorders. Welcomes contributions from individuals, academics and professionals.

Title: Update Magazine
Published by: Time to Change
Description: Part of the anti-stigma Time to Change campaign – published three times a year with positive/inspiring stories about the fight against stigma and mental health discrimination.

Title: Young Minds Magazine
Published by: Young Minds
Description: Bi-monthly magazine for members/supporters of the national charity focusing on mental health of young people. News, views, in-depth analysis about children’s mental health and wellbeing policy, practice and research. Targeted at those working with young people, so more professionally slanted.

Title: Your Voice
Published by: Rethink
Description: Quarterly magazine for people affected by severe mental illness and their carers. It welcomes contributions from people with mental health difficulties, but only for articles shorter than 250 words.


Many individual branches of Mind publish their own newsletter, and often welcome contributions from people with mental health difficulties – get in touch with your local branch to find out if they produce one.

Likewise, many local service user groups or organisations will have their own newsletter and are likely to welcome new contributors. The National Survivor User Network has a directory where you can find groups in your area.

To get an idea of what newsletters are out there, click here. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and individual publications will vary wildly in scope and content.

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  1. Hi, The following conceptual framework introduced through a website and blog – Welcome to the QUAD may be of interest to editors and readers of your publications:

    Originally created in the UK by Brian E Hodges (Ret.) at Manchester
    Metropolitan University – Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model [h2cm]

    - can help map health, social care and OTHER issues, problems and
    solutions. The model takes a situated and multi-contextual view across
    four knowledge domains:

    * Interpersonal;
    * Sociological;
    * Empirical;
    * Political.

    Four links pages cover each care (knowledge) domain e.g.

    - resource listings include psychology, mental health, therapies.


    Best regards,

    Peter Jones
    RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert), PGCE, PG(Dip) COPE, BA (Hons.).
    Community Mental Health Nurse for Older Adults,
    Independent Scholar and Informatics Specialist
    Lancashire, UK
    h2cm: help 2C more – help 2 listen – help 2 care

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