Winter 2010


Online: Hopes and Fears

Cover Stories

8 Do the wrong thing

When we often know what’s best for us, why do we do the opposite?

Online: Seven steps to making a change

How to change the world, Do-it-Yourself style, including

Online: The Broken of Britain: “‘Me too’ is more powerful than ‘just me’”

A pressure group by disabled people, for disabled people


Web Exclusive

Online: So what about this Big Society thing?

Mark Brown discusses mental health and the Big Society

16 What are your hopes for 2011?

One in Four readers share their new year dreams

18 Work special feature

Linda Jones, Chris Downes and Mark Brown explore different aspects of work


24 What do we do now?

Is it time to educate ourselves and get ourselves heard?

26 Mental Health Media Awards 2010

One in Four reports from the Mind awards ceremony

Real Lives

12 A week in the life of…

David Stocks, head of leadership and empowerment for RADAR


29 Self-help that helps

21 days to a New You by Dr. Cecilia d’Felice


30 Stress is NOT just a normal part of life you should put with