Coming up in the Spring 2012 issue of One in Four

The sunshine is nearly here, the plants are budding (again!) and it’s time for Spring 2012’s issue of One in Four.

The new issue has loads of real life stories, advice and new ideas for looking after your mental health and getting on with life despite any mental health difficulties you might have.

The new issue has advice and experiences from people who are working and managing their mental health, top tips for getting sorted this spring, personal experience of having a mental health difficulty when in prison, personal experiences of bringing up children while experiencing mental health difficulty, a run down of what the major mental health actually do and don’t do, mental health in rural life, debate about technology and mental health and debate about whether Borderline Personality disorder is a useful diagnosis and the usual mythbusting, reviews and news.

The article ‘In bad nick?’ about having a mental health difficulty while in prison is an eye opener and makes points from a first person perspective that you won’t have seen elsewhere.

As ever, we think it’s brilliant, but what do you think? Why not pamper yourself and spend £10.00 on a year subscription?

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